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Install on Linux

  1. Download and install Linux Mint 17.1 Rebecca Cinnamon (32-bit).
    Download iso-image / Download torrent
  2. Install wine1.6.
    • Launch the Synaptic package manager ("Menu"-> "Administration"-> "Synaptic Package Manager").
    • Find the package "wine1.6" (version 1:1.6.2-0ubuntu4).
    • Right-click the found package, choose "Mark for installation" and press "Apply".
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  3. Install Wine Mono and Wine Gecko.
    • Start configuring Wine ("Menu"-> "Wine"-> "Wine Settings").
    • Installation of the necessary components will be offered. Click "Install" in the dialog box in both cases.
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  4. Edit the file "/etc/hosts".
    • Launch Synaptic ("Menu"-> "Administration"-> "Synaptic Package Manager").
    • Find and install mc package (Midnight Commander).
    • Open the terminal and launch Midnight Commander using the command sudo mc
    • In the root directory, find the folder "etc". Once there, find the file "hosts".
    • Click the file "hosts" and press F4 key to edit it.
      If the system asks you to choose an editor, press "2" and then"Enter".
    • Copy and insert in the file "hosts" the following lines:
    • superomatic.com www.superomatic.com igrosoft.com www.igrosoft.com


    • Save changes (Ctrl+O, then Enter), close the editor (Ctrl+X) and close Midnight Commander.
  5. Adjust the connection with a server with the help of iptables.
    • Enable transit traffic in "sysctl.conf". Type the command
      sudo nano /etc/sysctl.conf
      In the opened file, find and uncomment the line net.ipv4.ip_forward=1


      Save your changes (Ctrl+O, then Enter) and close the editor (Ctrl+X).

    • Add a new rule in iptables using the command
      sudo iptables -t nat -A OUTPUT -p tcp -d -j DNAT --to

      You can check the changes with the help of the command
      sudo iptables -L -t nat -n

    • To save the changes of iptables, download and install the package "iptables-persistent".

      Launch Synaptic ("Menu"-> "Administration"-> "Synaptic Package Manager").
      Find and install the package "iptables-persistent".
      Upon installation of "iptables-persistent", confirm the changes and press "Forward".


    • In case the rule has been set incorrectly it is possible to remove it with the command
      sudo iptables -D OUTPUT 1 -t nat, where 1 is the rule number
    • To check the settings of iptables, you can reboot your computer and retype the command
      sudo iptables -L -t nat -n
      If the rule is in place, the changes have been applied successfully.


  6. Install the game
    • Following the link http://download.superomatic.biz/, download the necessary version and extract it to a flash drive.
    • In the home directory, find the folder ".wine", open it and create a new folder "superomatic" in the subdirectory "drive_c".
    • Copy the extracted files from the flash drive to the new folder "Superomatic".
    • In the folder "superomatic" find and open the file "options.ini". Enter the terminal login/password there.
    • Find the game-launcher file "Sloader.exe" and open its properties. Once there, select the tab "Open with". In "Recommended applications" select Wine and press "Install by default". After that, press "Close".


    • Download the game-launching script and place it on the desktop of the game terminal.

Solution of the sound distortion problem

Edit PulseAudio config. Type the command
sudo nano /etc/pulse/daemon.conf
Find the line
default-fragment-size-msec = 10
And change it to
default-fragment-size-msec = 5
Save the changes (Ctrl+O, then Enter) and close the editor "nano" (Ctrl+X).